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Emotional and somatic care

Almost everyone suffers from some form of energy trauma or blockage. For some of us, he runs the show a little more than we'd like and that's where we may need support. Somatic healing helps to change the narrative and reclaim power over oneself.

Yoga at home

Approach and intentions


Healing involves working directly with the body to unravel blockages and trauma stored in the tissues and allow them to move. We use breathwork, somatic experience techniques and the power of touch to release and restore balance.

It is a holistic care approach where everything is recognized as interconnected and which uses timeless practices from meditation, Tantra, and Shamanism.

emotional release

I accompany you in the use of simple and secure techniques to release excessive emotional energies. 

work of breathing

Deep breath and sound work to help you connect to your body and be fully present in every moment. 

Energy dialogues

To address internal conflicts, I offer you different shamanic practices of dialogue and listening in energetic connection to the multidimensional beings that we are.     

sexual healing

To release energy spaces, restore body-mind connections, regain self-confidence, listen to your body and reopen to pleasure. 

Release of somatic trauma

To eliminate energy blockages and traumatic memories through a deep massage releases through touch the points of crystallization of the emotional body.   


Common themes of intentions 

  • Emotional issues

  • Relational support

  • Intimate dysfunctions  

  • Emotional trauma

  • Control of your intimate body

  • Self-confidence problem

Hindu mariage rituel

The session


Each session begins with a time for verbal exchange, a meditation to prepare our bodies and our minds, and a sacred ritual to set our intentions. The content of the session depends on the needs identified together during the verbal exchange. Typically, we begin with energetic dialogue work to address internal conflicts. This can bring to the surface pent up emotions that we safely release together. The session can continue with work on the body involving a Tantric touch and then a search for painful areas of crystallization of emotions in order to release them gently with a precise but deep touch. The session ends with an integration time. 



The on-site session lasts 2 hours.

But it is recommended to also plan a quiet preparation time before the session and a quiet integration time (if possible in nature) for the rest of your day.

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