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On Blagnac (Near Toulouse)
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Mika Oma

Tantric Massages and Emotional, Sexual and Somatic Healing Treatments

My accompaniment contains all the dimensions of my being and connects the subjects that fascinate me and that lead on a path of awakening. 

I started an energetic, shamanic, spiritual and creative awakening a few years ago which totally changed my life. I chose to align my whole being in all its dimensions and to follow the deep call of my soul. In my incarnation, I am a sensitive and emotional being who celebrates his part of light and who accepts  his part of shadows. Both powerful and vulnerable, I value balance and harmony between masculine and feminine and between mind and body.   It is from this space that I am delighted to be able to accompany you on your own path to awakening.  

I am trained in somatic healing techniques by ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), in Tantric Techniques by Odyssée Bien-être and Tantra Sud-Ouest, in Caycedian Sophrology by VIFIA. And currently, I am being trained in Non-Dual Therapy by TheOneProcess.

Tantric Massages

"I need to let go and enter into complete psycho-corporal relaxation!"  


1 hour - 100 euros

1h30 -140 euros

2h  - 180 euros

Couple massage 2h: 300 euros (with a practitioner and a practitioner and a reunion time for two)

Emotional, sexual and somatic care

"I want to free myself from emotional turmoil,  inner conflicts, recurring anger and sadness, fears and limiting blockages to build self-confidence and live my life to the fullest."

around 2 hours - €150 

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