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Well-being and Tantric massages

Let go of the stresses and tensions in your life to return to the very essence of your being. The massage is a journey to the heart of sensuality, of letting go, of benevolent gentleness.

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Approach and intentions

Tantra is a path to self-understanding and self-love that leads to genuine love for others and for the whole universe, because everything is connected.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as "expanding tool". It is a spiritual practice where nothing is separate from the Divine, including our mind, body, energy, sex and connections. Nothing is excluded. Tantra also teaches that the answers are not "out there" away from us, but rather have been inside of us forever, waiting to be found there.

Massage is the cornerstone of Tantra, as the body is considered a sacred temple and an essential starting point for this exploration into greater awareness and connection.

Each trip is unique. It is tailor-made through intuition and the connection of the hands to the needs of the energy body for a smooth return to balance and harmony of body, heart and mind.


Tantric massage can be a revelation. Waves of happiness surge through you, bringing an unsuspected sense of harmony and a feeling of finally "coming home". 

Tantric massage is usually received naked and includes all parts of the body, including erogenous zones. There is no barrier between the body and the hands to reach the total dimension of being. But everything is free, in consciousness and sacred in tantra: if you want to keep an underwear it is possible. Only the uncovered parts will be included in the massage. 

Common themes of intentions

  • Balancing the energy body

  • Deep relaxation of body and mind

  • Treat somatic trauma with gentleness 

  • Living a Tantric experience through conscious touch, presence and benevolent love 

The session


Each session begins with a speaking time to meet, set our frame and open a sacred space through a short ritual. The massage is performed on the table or on the floor depending on the practice chosen. You begin your journey, eyes closed, carried by the softness and slowness of Tantric touch. Each movement of the masseur is carried out in consciousness, within the framework posed together at the start. More than a massage, it is an energetic and emotional body care whose active agents are presence and benevolent love. The last part will be a calm integration time.  


The total duration is that of the chosen formula. The preparation time lasts about 15 minutes as well as the integration and closing time. 

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