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Statue de Bouddha

Vibrating Care  

Prtake careof his inner temple


Gwendoline (Massage M/F)
Prior phone call before any reservation
Plaisance du Touch (Near Toulouse)
Phone: 06 30 60 64 01

(holistic somatic care M/F)

Prior telephone call before any reservation.
Hossegor (Near the Ocean)


Mélanie Rose (Individual Session in Sacred Sexuality M/F)
Prior telephone call before any reservation.
Paulhan (near Montpellier)
Phone: 06 33 55 67 61



Mika Oma is a person with great multi-level intelligence (intellectual, emotional, creative, etc.). With great finesse, he listens and responds at all times to our request, conscious and unconscious. Very deep sessions, while being gentle. A lot of know-how and a great know-how. He lives everything he offers.

Lea (29 years old)

Testimony of an extraordinary massage, as far as I am concerned and which belongs to me.
During one of my many Tantra workshops, I would like to share with you a unique parenthesis.
I experienced with Gwendoline a massage that took me on a subtle, gentle and powerful journey Gwendoline has an energy and a presence that for my part made me enter into an energy fusion all in power and gentleness.
Thank you for letting me live this moment out of time.
Thank you to life for this wonderful encounter.

"I was lucky enough to meet Marga for a tantric massage. 
An angel with fairy fingers, The tantric woman par excellence. 
A sweetness, a gigantic love combined with the power of the wild woman. 
It is good to be honored in this way in all its parts. 
I feel blessed and alive in all my cells after this encounter.
Thank you life."

Michael (60 years old)

Alan (40 years old)

I discovered a real tantric massage full of sweetness, tenderness, intensity, sensuality and love.
Gwendoline explained the tantric mind to me with great clarity and passion.
I experienced a lot of emotions during this massage and I completely lost the notion of time and space.
There are moments of very pleasant communion and the sensation of a bubble of energy surrounding me like a cocoon for several days.
Thank you Gwendoline for this sharing and for this sweetness that you bring to your massage

Arnaud (44 years old)

The care given to me by Mika Oma was very beneficial to me. He was able to establish a climate of trust thanks to a time of exchange. The latter allowed me to specify what I was looking for and how Mika Oma intended to conduct the session to help me. I felt a lot of kindness.

His care was very fair and consistent with what was expected. The session combined a shamanic and a tantric part. 

Mika Oma validated several times during the massage what he was going to do to get my agreement. At the end of the massage, another speaking time allowed me to share my hot feelings. 

This session helped me to ask a certain number of things and to realize that I was perfectly equipped to master them. I had a feeling of serenity and power that still persists since our session. I warmly recommend Mika Oma.

Christopher (48 years old)


Place of treatment and contact:

4 av des Tilleuls in Blagnac (Mika 06 25 55 42 73) 

Plaisance du Touch (Gwendoline06 30 60 64 01)


Every day: 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.

For all information

Thank you for what you sent !

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