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Marc Dujarric 

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Sexual somatic healing session


This dive into yourself is a dance for two, where your vulnerability meets my presence.

I will listen to your body, your breaths, your contractions, your openings, your vibrations to accompany you towards a unique experience unique to you.


It is proposed a present, benevolent, and loving touch simply to offer presence, benevolence, and love. It is a touch that allows all bodies to be seen in their entirety, recognized for what they are fundamentally beyond concepts, gender, sexualities, identities, ...


The massaged person is the creator of his experience,

The masseur is an active witness to this journey.


It is an art that will transform your connection and guide you towards a rediscovery of yourself and your partner when practiced as a couple. Tantra perceives the body as a whole. Each part of the body is massaged and approached with attention. The sexual energy can thus be awakened and used to reach higher levels of consciousness.

PS: This is not an erotic massage with a “happy ending”.

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