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JI understand that the intention of tantric massage is the awakening and discovery of the body as a whole. I choose to be naked or keep my underwear on.
JI understand that tantric massage is not a massage for sexual arousal or sexual play. There is no “finish”.
JI understand that all parts of the body can be massaged, including the sexual parts, without exceeding the professional framework set.
Sf an erection or a desire occurs, I understand that I must simply welcome these feelings in me and for me. Any search for pleasure with the masseur/masseuse will end the massage immediately, with no possible refund.
JI undertake to respect myself, to respect the masseur/masseuse, to respect the place and the

DIn the event contrary to all these commitments, the masseur/masseuse reserves the right to
end the massage without possible refund.

JI am ready to discover the benefits of this massage in total agreement with this charter.

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