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Sophrology | Oma d'Or 

Train the body and mind to develop serenity and well-being. We activate together the capacities and values necessary to fully live the present and serenely approach the events to come.


Approach and intentions


Caycedian Sophrology is the living training method of sophrology, called the Caycedo Method.


It is used in health sciences, education, sports and personal development.

Its objective is to help reinforce positive attitudes and values on a daily basis, both professionally and personally, as well as to develop capacities for the active management of stress and negative emotions.

Sophrology helps everyone to develop a serene conscience by means of a personal training based on techniques of relaxation and activation of the body and the spirit. 

It is based on the observation and study of consciousness, body perception, the body-mind relationship and their influence on our way of being in the world.

Common themes of intentions

  • Develop serenity and well-being

  • Strengthen your abilities (self-confidence, inner harmony, concentration, bodily, physical, intellectual feelings, imagination,....) 

  • Reduce stress for an upcoming exam or event

  • Improve your sleep

  • Bring meaning and joy back to life

The session


During the first visit, the sophrologist explains the basic concepts ofsophrologyand practice a first technique such as "diaphragmatic" breathing or Basic Sophronization. 

It is a relaxation technique to focus our attention on our body and in doing so, to become aware of our inner world, our feelings, our thoughts. It also highlights our state of stress and our emotional state.

Each session that follows begins with a reminder of the technique presented during the previous meeting.


The duration of an individual session can vary from 45 to 60 minutes. It usually takes place sitting or standing with your eyes closed. There is no physical contact between the practitioner and the participant.



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