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Vibrating Temples
Dcocoons to fully vibrate its own colors  

Our courses are initiatory journeys designed to open hearts and consciences.

This first cycle takes us on a journey through the powers and beauty of Eros by exploring the multiple facets of this vibration of love. Together, we fully immerse ourselves in its creative power. 

Events to come

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<<1000 thanks to Gwen, Mika, Mel and Marc. A wonderful team for effective practices in a cocoon of benevolence.
My profound and joyful transformation reflects the professionalism of the team. I reconnected to myself and my body. I recommend their workshops and courses to anyone willing to accept their emotional wounds and then evolve beyond them and their limiting beliefs. It's a wonderful gift for yourself

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Vibrating Eros

Date: May 2 to 7, 2023

Location: Butterfly Park in Lherm near Toulouse

It is an initiatory and transformative journey into the powers and beauty of Eros where we explore together multiple facets of this vibration of love: Sensuality, Energies, Sexuality, Kink,... and other prisms.


How do we feel the magic of these Eros Vibrations within us and in connection with others? Are these energies blocked, asleep, alive, exultant? Are they in the shadows, in the light, hidden, revealed? How to connect them, alchemize them, sublimate them more for ourselves and in our relationship with others, in an ever more true and authentic connection to Life and Love? 


This course will allow us to dive into our depths, to awaken, explore and radiate these vibrations of Eros in the joy of awakening and ecstatic pleasures. 

Our whole approach draws its sources from tantra, shamanism, spirituality, sex.positiv, and the opening and connection of Body, Heart and Consciousness.

Past events

Vibrating kink

Next in March 2024

This new “Vibrating Kink” journey leads us to explore together the erotic vibrations that come out of ordinary patterns: those of “kink”. These lead us into naughty, mischievous, daring play spaces, sometimes considered taboo or shameful, often seen as transgressive in our own eyes or those  of society._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Through these 2 days, we offer a space of trust to open the doors to our kinky pleasures. We can speak, feel and touch, see more if affinity, our taboos, our shame, our prohibitions, our fantasies Our body vibrates intensely through mischievous, gentle and daring explorations to free our fears from the norms that underlie them . We gently break down limiting thoughts, emotional and bodily barriers to offer ourselves spaces to play with our most unacknowledged and unacknowledged desires, and to dare to find desire, pleasure and even enjoyment there. 

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<<I took part in 2 “Vibrating” courses and I registered with my eyes closed for a 3rd! Because I have confidence in the facilitators who know how to set up a reassuring framework and a benevolent and non-judgmental atmosphere. The theme often scares me but once there, I dive with delight into all the proposed explorations. I respect my limits, I welcome whatever happens. I find it incredible and magical every time, so fluid. I enjoy !>>   Aurélie

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<< I had the opportunity to touch certain deeply buried sensitive parts, childhood wounds that I had not yet worked on. What I retain is a sharing of benevolence and love, respect, listening and attention to oneself and to others.

The proposed structures are well conducted and animated with authenticity.

It allowed me to connect to sensitive and emotional areas of my entire being and really feel the sexual energy flowing through me.>>   Damian

Vibrating sexuality

Next in Jan 2024

Access reserved for those who have already participated in one of our “Vibrating” courses and Ista Graduates

This new journey leads us to connect, awaken, release and enjoy the powers of our sacred sexuality. We explore this sexuality which vibrates deep within us, this kundalini which is our source of life and which allows us to open ecstatic and orgasmic portals.

Throughout these 2 days, these vibrations of sexuality take on different colors and forms - both soft, powerful, fluid, suave and magical. 

We dive together into a so-called classic sexuality, one that loves touch, nudity, orgasms, physical or subtle penetration, and discover how to sublimate all this to go even further in this archetype, always in harmony with oneself, with the other and in conscience in a correct interior posture.

Our sexuality reveals known or unknown spaces so that Sacred Love can express itself with simplicity, fluidity and authenticity.

Vibrating sensuality

Next Nov 11-12

This new journey leads us to connect, savor and develop pleasure through all our senses.
We explore this sensuality which vibrates in us and between us, at every moment, in every encounter and which allows us to open ecstatic and orgasmic portals.
Through these 2 days, these vibrations of sensuality take on different colors and forms - at the same time soft, powerful, fluid, suave and magical.
Our sensuality reveals new vibratory spaces so that Sacred Love can express itself in all simplicity and authenticity.

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Vibrating energies

Next on 16-17

This journey leads us to develop the subtle energies of our being, these energies which connect us to the earth and the universe, these energies which circulate within us and between us, these energies which open up ecstatic and orgasmic superpowers to us. They are there in each of us, at the heart of our being, of our Essence. Once revealed, they open to us the space of sacred Love.

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Vibrating Eros

Come feel, develop and connect to the first vibration of Life, the vibration of EROS. It is there in each of us, at the heart of our being, of our Essence. It animates and guides us and has the power to propel us towards the unlimited Love of all that is.

We offer you a space to unveil the magic of Eros, intimacy and conscious and consented pleasure with all parts of ourselves. It is to this that we dedicate our Temple.

All guided practices are explorations without sexuality.

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